How to choose a leather bag
Bags are women's true passion: everyone wants them, everyone loves them and everyone has wardrobes full of bags of all kinds, workmanship, color, but above all leather bags. Women consider bags on a par with jewelry, as they have the ability to make them feel confident and perfect.

Did you know that this beloved fashion accessory, which creates a real addiction in women, has very ancient origins and, above all, that this object of desire, for which any woman would go crazy, was not born as something that concerns women ?

The story tells that the bag was not born as a female accessory but, listen, listen, as a purely male accessory!

In prehistoric times, bags were made with the precise task of acting as containers for transporting food or, in later times, for carrying coins or small objects. In Tuscany, a region famous for leather processing, bags became more refined and refined, as they were made with goat, suede and calf leather. Even the Venetian craftsmen began the production of bags for carrying small objects, or travel bags.

The bags follow the tastes of the 500s, when they are dressed in velvet, fringes, brocade, embroidery and bows, temporarily abandoning the leather.
When does the bag become a female accessory?
We have to wait for the era between 1800 and 1900, for the discovery of the bag by the female world. This, for very practical reasons, as women have always been practical, i.e. the beginning of journeys made by women who, for the occasion, needed to be accompanied by large luggage. This is how travel bags in refined leathers are born, practical, roomy and characterized by various compartments. A short time later, chains and handles appear in different materials and this means that bags are no longer men's accessories, as women have appropriated them by becoming dynamic, working outside the home and therefore needing this essential accessory. A milestone in history can be summed up in one word: Kelly, the iconic leather bag created by the Maison Hermés specifically for the homonymous princess in 1956 and, from that moment on, this accessory has undergone various mutations, ranging from dimensions and materials but maintaining the material of excellence, i.e. leather, as a fixed point.
come scegliere una borsa in pelle
The leather bag today is Nely Bellet
All of this is history. But still today, although fashion changes extremely rapidly and although lines and sizes of bags have undergone mutations according to the needs of women, today we still find lines that recall iconic eras, as they always remain loved by women.

We are talking about the Nelly Bellet line of bags, a renowned Milanese maison that boasts a collection of bags for all tastes but, above all, a production of the highest quality, both in terms of leather and workmanship.

Owning a Nely Bellet leather bag means giving a modern and dynamic image of yourself, without however neglecting the importance of elegant lines, with which to distinguish yourself from an increasingly cheap market.

Visit our website for online sale of handcrafted leather bags and immediately choose the leather bag model that strikes you the most!

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