What kind of bag are you wearing
Bags are an accessory that accompanies a woman throughout her day: essential to be able to carry everything necessary, each of us has her own precise and defined style and this style also includes the type of bag you choose.

There are those who have only one that they use every day and those who have several and choose which one to take based on the outfit of the day.

There really are many types of bags, from the more sporty ones to the more elegant ones, from those in which various objects can be stored to the smaller ones that just fit a cell phone and a small coin purse.

In addition to this, the material with which it is made is also important in a bag and also in this case the choices are varied. If what you prefer most of all is handcrafted leather then the bags you will find here on NelyBellet will love you.

NelyBellet sells different bags and as you read on you will be able to see what are some of the options they offer.

Let's see what kind of bag you wear!
Shoulder bags are an accessory that almost makes you think of a triangular backpack with a single shoulder strap which is usually slightly curved to allow the bag itself to remain firmly stationary on the back, without there being an annoying sliding forward.

crossbags are really comfortable and functional as they allow you to carry many objects that are necessary for work or studies. Some models may have several internal and external pockets.

The shoulder bags that you can find on NelyBellet are embellished with a beautiful chain as a shoulder strap and are rigid enough to allow maximum comfort throughout the day outside the home.
The handbag, which also takes the English name of hangbad, is a truly very elegant type of accessory, which can be used in everyday life as well as for evenings and gala events. It can be found in different shapes ranging from being more squared to being more rounded, but comfort always remains on each model. As the name itself indicates, they are bags that are usually carried by holding the handle, which is usually small, in the hand, or even placed on the forearm.

On NelyBellet you can find cute handbags, characterized by colors that can match any outfit.
Shoulder bags are one of the most requested accessories of this kind due to their great comfort since they are practical to carry and do not cause discomfort to the shoulders. This kind of bag usually has two rigid handles and combined with them, which can be used as well as removed, also a strap that can be lengthened.

On NelyBellet you can find these beautiful bags and in addition to falling in love with the aesthetics you will also fall in love with the material in which they are made, i.e. handmade leather.

La borsa in Pelle oggi è Nely Bellet

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