How to clean leather bags
Bags: a functional accessory that makes your look unique

Bags are an accessory that for better or worse is always present in a woman's outfits, since in your bag you can store all those objects that you need to carry around.

Bags are therefore both a distinctive sign of one's style and way of dressing, given that there are different types, shapes, colors and features, and of comfort and practicality.

Every woman has at least one type of favorite bag and if the ones you love the most are leather bags then this is the article for you to learn what are the secrets thanks to which your leather bags will always be shiny. beautiful and as if they had just come out of the store.
Leather bags: quality and valuable bags
When you decide to buy a leather bag, you choose to take home with you a very luxurious accessory that you need to know how to take care of in the best possible way.

A leather bag stands out for its main characteristics: it is smooth and soft to the touch; it has great mechanical resistance since leather is a flexible material; it has excellent fire resistance; it is breathable and this prevents external temperatures and humidity from ruining it; and finally it is made by expert craftsmen for which it is a valuable product.

This is exactly what you can expect from NelyBellet leather bags.

But now let's move on to the central theme of this article!
come si puliscono le borse in pelle
Cleaning leather bags: some suggestions for an optimal result
How do you clean leather bags then? Below I leave you some very useful information on how you can keep your bag in excellent condition and on how you can intervene in the event of small accidents that can cause stains.

To clean a leather bag, I invite you to follow these steps:

First of all, take an eraser, whether it's to be erased or a kneaded rubber, it's fine, and use it to go and remove the impurities that are more evident; then pass the eraser on the corners moving it in the direction of the grain of the leather, and then also pass it on the handles, zip and shoulder strap
Then take a cotton disk on which to pour a small amount of cream polish that you will have to pass over the entire external bag; you need to wait about five minutes for the cream to dry
Finally, thanks to a microfibre cloth, which must be dry, you can give a final polish to the entire outside of the bag
If your leather bag accidentally gets stained it is important to be able to clean it immediately to prevent the leather from absorbing the stain and if this should happen it would then be impossible to remove it.

You can easily follow the steps we mentioned above and if by chance they are not enough you can try to take a paper towel or a tissue and put it in contact with the stained area and be careful not to use abrasive products which would otherwise damage the leather. .

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